Vernescu Residence – Downtown with style


Live Downtown in true style


We kindly invite you to discover Vernescu Residence, the newest high end project of Metropolitan Developments. Vernescu Residence is placed in the true heart of Bucharest, just a few seconds away from Victoriei Boulevard. The project combines a sublime central location with the tranquility and easiness of a low density residential area surrounded by green spaces. Vernescu Residence is made of 36 classy, elegant apartments, each of them unique, combining the newest technologies in terms of design and construction, with the highest standards of day-to-day comfort.


Designed by the leading architectural firm in Romania, Westfourth Arhitecture, Vernescu Residence is an exquisite building, both in terms of design and uniqueness, but also in terms of comfort, convenience and the use of space.


The building

• 36 unique, modern apartments of one to four rooms, in a P + 5 floors building
• Designed by Westfourth, an international architectural firm with several accomplishments in Bucharest and other metropolis, well known though numerous architectural awards
• Imposing, remarkable and modern façade, with decorative system of metal mesh and termoizolant system for temperature preserving
• 18 types of apartments with character, for satisfying all kind of expectations regarding surface and subdivision
• Remarkable Penthouse apartments, with massive, striking glass surfaces and withdrawals facades for functional terraces all around the building
• Last generation Schindler elevator for 8 persons
• Klaus parking system with totally independent and very spacious places (2,60 m width on 5,90 m length). MultiBase 2072 is one of the most advanced and comfortable parking systems, as the car door can be opened wide due to the offset steel pillar, which allows easy getting in and out of the car. The system can store the heavyweights particularly space-saving and is ideally suited for off-road vehicles or SUV up to heights of 205 cm.



• Very bright and sunny apartments thanks to building positioning and subdivision
• Each apartment dispose of individual water, gas and electricity counters for correct and efficient billing

• Innovating temperature control system, integrating underfloor heating, decorative static radiators in the bedrooms, freon fans above circulation areas and Mitsubishi aer conditioning, with separated controll for each room.

• Apartments height of 2,70 m

• Apartments are sold with complete finishing, of high quality, with Ideal Standard sanitary ware and Grohe batteries.
• Last generation Schuco curtain windows of grey aluminium, large size (2,70 m) windows and slide system for special comfort
• Low E glass with high transparency
• Laminated duplex windows made of secured glass for livings area

• White doors, entirely made of wood, with 2,4 m height
• Multilayers natural wood parquet floor of 3 layers, with 4 mm wear layer for long time maintenance, coming with two possible colors: Ice White and Dublin, with high panels of 12 cm all around, painted in white.
• Travertine (natural stone) and Stucco Lustro Venetiano or special Marazzi ceramic decoration for the bathrooms
• 2 cm height artificial stone and floating system for the terraces

• Preparations for curtain near exterior windows in the sealing.


Other details:

Entrance doors:

Heavy duty and high quality security system doors, with special height of 2.4 m, hidden axes and with unique special custom made finishing of venghe color on the exterior and glossy white on the interior.


Interior doors:

“FILOMURO” interior high doors (top to bottom) painted in glossy white, high quality cover and a hidden aluminum frame, including magnetic closing system and hidden axes.


Bathrooms and toilets

Modern and highly efficient internal design for bathrooms and toilets, with a combination of travertine stone and Marazzi ceramic tiles. Sanitary objects by Grohe and Ideal standard.

The design combines finishing for walls with washable tappet and stucco plaster finishing.




All exterior aluminum system is realized by Stucco. Special wide sliding doors of 1,4 to 2 m.

Exterior cover on façades made out of a combination of perforated painted aluminum panels, glass and plaster, with special shading decorative elements around all windows, French balconies, glass handrails and stone parapets.

All balconies are finished with floating tile system by Marazzi or floating natural wood deck, which allows easy and safely maintenance.


Common areas:

Common areas, including balconies and staircases, are lighted with lines of led lights.

Big and impressive main lobby and reception decorated with led lighting fixers and special Marazzi design tiles.

Private Gym for the common use.



“Smart house system” as an option to get a full control on all functions in the house (on penthouses and garden floor preparations are done, as a standard).